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some wise words

Life comes and attacks you when you least expect it. It might be sadness or extreme fear. However, at that moment, what we can do is accept reality and admit we lost. We don’t know how life will turn out. But there is no way we can avoid it. We just have to face it and get hurt once awhile. But life sometimes thrills us with unexpected events and gives us happiness when we overcome hardships.

-Answer Me, 1997-


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Answer Me, 90s

an old friend, my tape recorder..

an old friend, my radio tape..

Song of the day : Pupus by Dewa

Currently i return to my oldself 90’s mode, where i stayed in my room after long hours of hectic works, listened to music from my old loyal friend that is my RADIO (yeah i still got one :D), sang along  and wrote in my blog instead of a diary  🙂

Reminiscing the old days, i realized more than 12 years has passed since i was a highschooler, times where i felt so carefree the most and felt like a rushing wind because it passed so quickly, times when i tumble here and there to searched an answer for my question which is What exactly i really want to do in my life.. Yearning those years really give me a warm feeling yet freaked me out so much, because as i’m get older now with so many responsibilities in my hand and still feel confuse with what i really want and need in life, its scare me to death because i dont want it to be a waste.

Not gonna babbling though 😛  this is the effects watching a kdrama called Answer Me 1997, a very fun and entertaining drama.. bring back old memories and contemplates my so-called life 🙂

–the end–



When i watch tv series/movies or read novels/mangas and it has a romance storyline, even if it’s came up as a tiny  part of it and i’m being totally invested with its story or plot or characterization, it almost certain i’ll end-up to ship the OTP’s in it. Below is the small number of OTP’s i’ve ship from so many tv series, novels, mangas i’ve watched and/or read, whether its the main OTP or secondary OTP or even not likely slated OTP, and still in my fangirldom currently.. I know i’m shallow but what can i say? fangirling over couple on/off screen or fictional character in screen or books bring sooo much fun and laugh and relaxing experiences for me.. i could escapes sometimes from my boredom in real life and got the pretty sight of the hunky male and georgous female casts/character LOL.. so here are the pretty where my ship sail 😉

1.      Maya Kitajima – Masumi Hayami (“Topeng Kaca”, manga)

Why I love them : They have a bunch of  reasons for not being together. Maya is 11 years younger than Masumi. Maya is a stage-actress, where Masumi is a heir and director of multinational biggest company in Japan. Physically-wise, Maya  is considered as an ordinary-face girl with short and petite body, and in the other hand Masumi  is a high quality bachelor with tall body and extra-ordinaire handsome face (fyi, this physical differences frequently appear in 47 volumes that had been published so far lol). Masumi’s adoptive father have plans to ruin Maya’s acting career, and he also is the greatest enemy of  Maya most respected person, that is her acting teacher. Masumi had been enganged to a very beautiful woman who come from  the  equal rich and honorable family like Masumi’s.  And the most  important reason above all, Masumi is the person who caused Maya’s mom death, indirectly.. sounds delicious  with acting and theatrical world as story background and uncle-long-legs plot through Masumi’s alter-ego, Purple Rose, this manga blown me away for more than 17 years, and surely much longer, judging from  the newest volume which showing no signs it headed to big finale direction. *sigh,another long wait*  so, I forbid a sad or open-ending due to so much  time I spend waiting this to end. You hear me, Miuchi-sensei?????????

2.      Domyoji Tsukasa – Makino Tsukushi (“Hana Yori Dango”, JDrama)

Their story : bad-boy fell for good-brave-girl kind of story, yeah you got the clue, my favorite plot, enough said..

3.      Harry Potter – Hermione Granger/Dan Radcliffe-Emma Watson (“Harry Potter Saga”, novel/film)

Why I love them : another alternate OTP that I choose over real OTP.. Harry Potter, the wizard world hero, and Hermione Granger, one of  his two closest bestfriend, a witch girl that come from muggle family, who have a very good-hearted, smart, pretty, and never leave Harry behind whatever happens.. since the very beginning they always considered each other as brother and sister, so no romance involved in their relationship, they even have their own love interest which stories is equally interesting.. but I just couldn’t help it, especially when this saga brought to the big screen and Harry and Hermione is portrayed  by Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, I just need them to hooked up soon ‘cause they’re just so cutee together… that’s why whether Harry Potter 7: Part 1 the movie or Harry Potter 7 the book is my favorite series because it simply like heaven for Harry/Hermione-shipper like me.

4. Candy White – Terry Grandchester (“Candy-candy”, manga)

This is a story that introduce me into every elements in what a love story  in a romance drama should have.

Why I love them : they’re not the real OTP in this classic manga, but I love them more than the main OTP.. Candice “candy”  White, a cheerful girl with reddish freckling cheek who’s been raised in an orphanage, and Terrence “terry” Grandchester (issh even typing his name gave a shiver of sexyness into my stomach lol), a rebel boy, the biggest love in Candy’s life and noted as Candy Soulmate.. there are always obstacles in their path, started from a forced separation because they had been slandered, Terry chose to be a broadway actor whereas Candy pursued her dream to become a nurse, and the last third party in their way appear into a girl who madly in love to Terry and saved him and it become the final reason for their separation, just because Candy and Terry both are people with noble and noble person did a noble-idiocy aarghhh.. damn, it still hurt so much if I recalled this lame reason to separate.. but now I have fan fictions to cured my broken-hearted, that’s what fanfic are for, rite

5.  Rahul-Anjali/SRK-Kajol (in every movies they’re in TOGETHER)

why i love them : have no idea the exact numbers of movies they’re starred together, I’ve watched only 4 of it,  and their chemistry in those movie…SUPERB. They’re just click, like real life couple. together they’re hilarious, they’re hot, they’re cut  They’re the ultimate reason i willing to stepped my feet on the very-long-dancing-singing-crying-in-the-raining-scene, that is indian movies :p

6. Katniss Everdeen – Peeta Mellark (“The Hunger Games Trilogy”, Novel)

Peeta-Katniss in THG movie

Jennifer and Josh

Why I love them : Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence and Peeta Mellark played by Josh Hutcherson. Their goal life is to save each other. Their love blossom thru the mutual need to survive in a dictatorish-rules country,Panem. Katniss has this alpha-female attitudes, Peeta is the beta-male. Peeta’s sunny-like and warm-heart personality is Yin to abrasive-cold-introvert Katniss Yang. Peeta bakes,Katniss hunts. Katniss scared of commitment, Peeta eternally devoted. In a short word, Peeta is the guy in a relationship. (note: i dont ship Jen-Josh in real life, but i do love their potrayed and chemistry of Katniss and Peeta on-screen)

Favorite quotes :

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