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how can it be ?

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And smile turn into laughs and laughs turn into kisses and before you know it, the day turn into weeks and weeks into months. and you will find yourself forgetting what it was to be like before they were in your life. -Anonymous-

How can it be..? How can we, the two people that once upon a time used to be so in love, saying all those love words in all forms it possible every single second, but now at this point turns to be a total strangers to each other, walking passed without even changing glances, like there are no held hands, warm tight hugs, gently touches, hundreds promises, thousands smiles, a millions stares and every single endearing gestures we made to proven our feeling to each other before, between us.
How can it possible ? We were once a friend, aren’t we ? Friends who shakes hand and asked how we’ve been and what’s we up to, but not even those is lasted.
That day, when we met after so many years aparts, i realized that deep down, in the very bottom of my heart, how much you still has effects in my life, how your presence still able to weaken my knees, how you still all that i could think about in every seconds of my waking moment. Those endearing gestures, those precious moments, my memories of you were still fresh in my mind. Permanent like ink on paper, and still haunting me even in my sleep.
And here we are, a total strangers to each other. And i’m a stranger who really want to get my life back to the way it was before.


Author: shintalovesearth

just a simple ordinary girl ,,,,,

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