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Re-read : Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban

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One thing i love about Harry Potter series is the twists in its storyline. Everytime i read the books I love the excitement when tried to guessed and solved the mysteries and puzzles Rowling provided in it. Many times i succeed to figured out things, sometimes its only my half  guesses that’s correct and as far as i remembered, there is only one time i failed to put all things together, and its on the third book, Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban.


“I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.”

This time around, Harry has so much more things to worry about more than just Voldemort, because troubles seems has tendencies to always find him.. first, his summer vacation at the Dursley house’s getting so much worse when Uncle Vernon sister comes to visit and Harry had to endures his desires to say the “magic” words in front of her although she’s being horrible to Harry all the time, just for the sake of his first chance to visits Hogsmeade, the entirely wizarding village in England, in his third year.. but off course that disastrous visits end up being abruptly and Harry finding himself spending the last two weeks of his vacation in Diagon Alley..

second, Harry must faces his worst nightmares and fears in form of Dementor, wizarding prison Azkaban-keeper, that made him hear the sound of his mother voices just when she’s about to be killed by Voldemort, and not to mention his enemy, Draco Malfoy uses this to make fun of him..

and added to his never-ending-troubles, Harry has to face a maniac-mass murderer who once a loyal servant of the Dark Lord and been chained for twelve years in wizarding prison Azkaban, but now has escaped, chasing Harry to Hogwarts to killed him and ready to rejoin his Master who now lies alone and friendless, for once again rise, greater and terrible than ever he was, or thats what Harry thought..



the Trio in third year

Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Azkaban is my personal favorite HP series among 7 books.. This is where the Golden Trio officially in their teens and starts to developed their teenage stories. I love how Rowling wrote that Hermione and Ron is not just like a usual sidekick for a hero, the impression i got from the two previous books, but they proves that they are an equal partner for Harry… i also loves this book, mostly because even there is no Voldemort in it, but we finally got a better look at Harry’s parents, their life and death.



Above i mentioned, how PoA provided the most twisted plot of entire series, at least for me.. when the plot told us about Harry dad’s , James Potter with his bestfriends in their hogwarts-days, Rowling not put even one clue, as signs before the revelation part in Shrieking Shack, that showed his father’s bestfriends whom their actions in the past effected how Harry life becomes now, are actually still alive.. Rowling led us to believed that Sirius Black is a traitor who killed two of his bestfriends, James Potter and Peter Pettigrew and now escapes Azkaban to chase after Harry to killed him, and he also Voldemort most loyal servant and a maniac-mass murderer whom killed 12 innocent muggles twelve years ago,  until right before revelation part in shrieking shack… i never stopped to amazed with this brilliant plot because this is where things become less predictable and the boundaries between good and bad gets blurry, something i most complaining about in previous book,, this is where we knew Gryffindor House, a place for those who brave and chivalry, finally produced the most coward and evil wizard in entire story, something that has always been associated  with Slytherin House.

i just completely and totally love this book and now let me write about why it always made me fell in love all over again everytime i re-re-re-read :

1. Patronus Charm vs Dementors


Patronus Charm is the best magic JKR ever created, on the other hand Dementors is the most horrifying magical creatures and absolute nightmares for human being.. its terrifying the ideas that there are always Dementors around us, they sucked out every good feeling and happy memories from us, left us only with the worst experiences of our life, but then we can always fight them and make them go away with Patronus charm which is a projection of positive force and happiness,, and it always making me imagining what i think my own Patronus would be, EXPECTO PATRONUM 🙂

2. Sirius and Lupin


Harry’s dad bestfriends. Sirius is the most fun godfather everyone could ask and Lupin is the best Defense Against the    Dark Arts Professor Harry has ever had. First time i read it and next installment not out yet (and idk about why Harry always had to go back to Dursley House’s , and the DADA Curse), i remembered felt really really disappointed to the facts that Harry isn’t going to live with Sirius, and in addition Lupin isn’t going to continued his class too.  *longsigh* My mostly regrets was because in a brief happy moment i felt Harry finally having Sirius and Lupin to look to as proper family and maybe was able to be live well and happy, but thats once again had taken away from him.

3. Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, Prongs and The Marauders Map

Hogwarts mischievous first generation before Weasley Twins, and the inventor of The Marauders Map, the coolest thing ever invented 😀




I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.


Mischief managed.

4. Revelation in Shrieking Shack

the only thing i disappointed in this part, is a fact that Wormtail escapes and Snape passed-out to hear all the truth.

5. Hermione got rebels and her secret


she slapped Draco, gave up Divination and the whole time-turner secret thing to helped her working on her extra classess, is another twisted i failed to solved 😛 , and oh, she alone solved mystery surrounding Prof Lupin about him being a werewolf, thats my girl 😀

6. Gryffindor won Quidditch Cup

the most amusing part here is Lee Jordan commentary during the games. He was cursing out Slytherin at one point, then unintentionally advertised Firebolts, and McGonagal practically wrestling to get the megaphone from him LOL

7. Hagrid scolded Harry and Ron for not speaking to Hermione

when Harry and Ron weren’t speaking to Hermione because Scabbers and Firebolts, Hagrid called them to expressed his disappointment toward them.. thats why i love you Hagrid 🙂

8. Harry’s last two weeks summer vacation in Diagon Alley

Harry taking a walk to exploring the most fascinating wizarding shops in the world, sittin in the bright sunshine to working on his homework while eating ice cream, etc

9. Crookshanks and Buckbeak


i love Crookshanks, just like his master Hermione, Crookshanks is the most intellegent cats we’ve ever met, and Buckbeak, Hagrid newest pet, a magical creatures with half-horse and half eagles who in the run with Sirius

10. Firebolts


who need Nimbus 2000 (although i love it equally), when you have the best broom in the world 😀

11.Meet Cornelius Fudge, Minister of Magic

the good times when his best interests was Harry safe and happiness

12. Cedric Diggory and Cho Chang were introduced

We met first time with Cho Chang, a ravenclaw girl who happen to be Harry first crush, and Cedric Diggory, a Hufflepuff and heartthrob, Harry competitor in Quidditch and girls and who’ll hold the crucial roles in the fourth book



Now you see, everything is here, thats why i love it so much… everything is getting dark but still it is a good times compared to the next books T_T

“You don’t understand!” whined Pettigrew. “He would have killed me, Sirius!”


Oh my god, i love this book !!!

This my entry for 3rd books for Hotter Potter

–The End–


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