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she’s like my sister, i thought you know it (or are they ???)

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you know that i’m a hard-shipper of Harry and Hermione (an OTP that doesn’t exist in harry potter series)..  there is a reason why i pick HP7 Part 1 as my favorite movie among 8, simply because its like shipper heaven for me and it also has Harry and Hermione dance scene, my most favorite scene in every Harry and Hermione parts from all Harry Potter movies…

against majority comments, i really really really love this scene, i think its so beautiful yet bittersweet, heart-wrenching and defines how deep is their relationship clearly,,  most people said its all about the close friendship these two have, but for me this scene emphasizes everything they’ve been through together all this 7 years, in a friendship way yes, but also in a romantic way.. i completely ship Harry and Hermione and nobody can tell me different..

Song titled O Children by Nick Cave


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Video and Fan-art is belong to OWNER. All material contents belongs to Warner Brother Entertainment. No Copyright Infrigment. All Right Reserved. It all belongs to Warner Bros and JK Rowling. Pictures edited belong to creator.


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One thought on “she’s like my sister, i thought you know it (or are they ???)

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