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on my big B’Day

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song of the day : Icona Pop – We Got the World

so here i am.. on my big 31..

admittedly, its not like what i expected  i was going to be or do, when i thought about today 10 years ago on the very same day..

i was doing domestic household jobs, continued reading my copy of Idolsitter, a first published novel wrote by a wonderful-talented-writer friend of mine, Ty Sakumoto (look her goodread page here for more information ) , replying text messages, listened to Top 40 songs from radio, and now get ready for some dramas in my life, and by that i mean tv drama 😀 yeah watching some burning-love-triangle from newest episodes of The Vampire Diaries “After School Special”  or some drama from golddiggers who eventually managed to have a heart in Cheodamdong Alice,  could definitely enlighten my special day……

and no, when i said today is not like what i’d been expected, it doesnt mean i regret it.. i’m so grateful for what i am today and what i’ve been achieved, i am so lucky i have no more word to describes all my gratitude to my Mighty Creator, ALLAH SWT,,  off course there’s some personal goals that has not been obtains till now, but it always takes time, all i have to do is pray and work harder and be patients.. and then, everything is gonna be alright 🙂

meanwhile, i know its 19 days over since new year had coming and i’m forgot to say something about passed 2012 and coming 2013 like i used to years before,, well, i passed over 2012 quite good actually, in early last year i made my personal themes which  is to make peace with myself and reality, and in my opinion i did well 😀 i felt like i’m happy more, i ate and laughed alot,  put on weight, making new friends, reading plenty new books, mingled with office mates, enjoyed office works, consistent to posted more entry in this blog, bought a house (with bank loans, off course), and resists for made unnecessary comments that make someone else hurt..  not bad right 😀

and for this coming 2013, my resolution is only to do better than 2012 🙂 oh and wake up early maybe, especially in my day-off  :p

oh once more qeqeqeee i made my first post in this blog on  January 1st 2010, so its been 3 consecutive years already.. WOW!!! never thought i’m gonna make this blog to last this long,, surely its one of little number of things i’ve ever done  consistently 😀 thanks for everyone who take their time to visited and made comments in my blog, i do appreciated it,,XOXO

so, happy birthday to me and my blog, goodbye for my fantastic year of 2012 and welcome another hopefully awesome year of 2013 :*   SURVIVE ‘ne



pics credit to here and here

–The End–


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