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Answer Me, 90s

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an old friend, my tape recorder..

an old friend, my radio tape..

Song of the day : Pupus by Dewa

Currently i return to my oldself 90’s mode, where i stayed in my room after long hours of hectic works, listened to music from my old loyal friend that is my RADIO (yeah i still got one :D), sang along  and wrote in my blog instead of a diary  🙂

Reminiscing the old days, i realized more than 12 years has passed since i was a highschooler, times where i felt so carefree the most and felt like a rushing wind because it passed so quickly, times when i tumble here and there to searched an answer for my question which is What exactly i really want to do in my life.. Yearning those years really give me a warm feeling yet freaked me out so much, because as i’m get older now with so many responsibilities in my hand and still feel confuse with what i really want and need in life, its scare me to death because i dont want it to be a waste.

Not gonna babbling though 😛  this is the effects watching a kdrama called Answer Me 1997, a very fun and entertaining drama.. bring back old memories and contemplates my so-called life 🙂

–the end–


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