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i’m on twitter now LOL

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i’ve told you before, a lot of my friends ask for my Blackberry PIN and twitter account lately (like i have one :p), and i always said no, because i dont have any of it for reasons i’ve said  in one of my post before, and that i’m not actually a person with an active social life,whether its real or reel.. the only one sosmed i actively follow is facebook and wordpress, and it’s  “eating my time” a lot.. i can tell you that sosmed+internet connection+ME is a very BAD combo :p fyi, i’ve write down my own record for sitting in front of my lappie or PC for 10 hours (literally) just for facebook-ing and wordpress-ing gahhh so i dont need an extra for my addiction..but like everything in this world, nothing is impossible and now, for a reason beyond me hahaahh my mind is been shaken, and i’m officially have an account on twitter LOL just dont ask me why :p (not using BB yet heheheeehh)

meanwhile, in another side of world, my newest OTP crush

Alexander Skarsgaard – Onata Aprile so cutee ^^

this is too much.. why Alex?? like its not enough you have to be hot, talented and charismatic?? and now why you gotta be so adorable and cute with kid on top of that? he even let her do jungle-gym in his wrist and also wearing her ribbon ^^  gahh too much for my ovaries LOL sorry for my silliness fangirling, its just i have a very soft spot for a guy, big guy, big macho guy, a big manly macho guy with kids hehheehh.. btw, this cute “couple ” will hit theatre in What Maisie Knew… a must see, cant waitttt 🙂

and last but not least, my idea of a perfect husband.

and i couldn’t agree more LOL.

belibet posting pake inggris :p . Dont complain ok !!!

–the end–

credit as labelled, google


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