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When i watch tv series/movies or read novels/mangas and it has a romance storyline, even if it’s came up as a tiny  part of it and i’m being totally invested with its story or plot or characterization, it almost certain i’ll end-up to ship the OTP’s in it. Below is the small number of OTP’s i’ve ship from so many tv series, novels, mangas i’ve watched and/or read, whether its the main OTP or secondary OTP or even not likely slated OTP, and still in my fangirldom currently.. I know i’m shallow but what can i say? fangirling over couple on/off screen or fictional character in screen or books bring sooo much fun and laugh and relaxing experiences for me.. i could escapes sometimes from my boredom in real life and got the pretty sight of the hunky male and georgous female casts/character LOL.. so here are the pretty where my ship sail 😉

1.      Maya Kitajima – Masumi Hayami (“Topeng Kaca”, manga)

Why I love them : They have a bunch of  reasons for not being together. Maya is 11 years younger than Masumi. Maya is a stage-actress, where Masumi is a heir and director of multinational biggest company in Japan. Physically-wise, Maya  is considered as an ordinary-face girl with short and petite body, and in the other hand Masumi  is a high quality bachelor with tall body and extra-ordinaire handsome face (fyi, this physical differences frequently appear in 47 volumes that had been published so far lol). Masumi’s adoptive father have plans to ruin Maya’s acting career, and he also is the greatest enemy of  Maya most respected person, that is her acting teacher. Masumi had been enganged to a very beautiful woman who come from  the  equal rich and honorable family like Masumi’s.  And the most  important reason above all, Masumi is the person who caused Maya’s mom death, indirectly.. sounds delicious  with acting and theatrical world as story background and uncle-long-legs plot through Masumi’s alter-ego, Purple Rose, this manga blown me away for more than 17 years, and surely much longer, judging from  the newest volume which showing no signs it headed to big finale direction. *sigh,another long wait*  so, I forbid a sad or open-ending due to so much  time I spend waiting this to end. You hear me, Miuchi-sensei?????????

2.      Domyoji Tsukasa – Makino Tsukushi (“Hana Yori Dango”, JDrama)

Their story : bad-boy fell for good-brave-girl kind of story, yeah you got the clue, my favorite plot, enough said..

3.      Harry Potter – Hermione Granger/Dan Radcliffe-Emma Watson (“Harry Potter Saga”, novel/film)

Why I love them : another alternate OTP that I choose over real OTP.. Harry Potter, the wizard world hero, and Hermione Granger, one of  his two closest bestfriend, a witch girl that come from muggle family, who have a very good-hearted, smart, pretty, and never leave Harry behind whatever happens.. since the very beginning they always considered each other as brother and sister, so no romance involved in their relationship, they even have their own love interest which stories is equally interesting.. but I just couldn’t help it, especially when this saga brought to the big screen and Harry and Hermione is portrayed  by Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, I just need them to hooked up soon ‘cause they’re just so cutee together… that’s why whether Harry Potter 7: Part 1 the movie or Harry Potter 7 the book is my favorite series because it simply like heaven for Harry/Hermione-shipper like me.

4. Candy White – Terry Grandchester (“Candy-candy”, manga)

This is a story that introduce me into every elements in what a love story  in a romance drama should have.

Why I love them : they’re not the real OTP in this classic manga, but I love them more than the main OTP.. Candice “candy”  White, a cheerful girl with reddish freckling cheek who’s been raised in an orphanage, and Terrence “terry” Grandchester (issh even typing his name gave a shiver of sexyness into my stomach lol), a rebel boy, the biggest love in Candy’s life and noted as Candy Soulmate.. there are always obstacles in their path, started from a forced separation because they had been slandered, Terry chose to be a broadway actor whereas Candy pursued her dream to become a nurse, and the last third party in their way appear into a girl who madly in love to Terry and saved him and it become the final reason for their separation, just because Candy and Terry both are people with noble and noble person did a noble-idiocy aarghhh.. damn, it still hurt so much if I recalled this lame reason to separate.. but now I have fan fictions to cured my broken-hearted, that’s what fanfic are for, rite

5.  Rahul-Anjali/SRK-Kajol (in every movies they’re in TOGETHER)

why i love them : have no idea the exact numbers of movies they’re starred together, I’ve watched only 4 of it,  and their chemistry in those movie…SUPERB. They’re just click, like real life couple. together they’re hilarious, they’re hot, they’re cut  They’re the ultimate reason i willing to stepped my feet on the very-long-dancing-singing-crying-in-the-raining-scene, that is indian movies :p

6. Katniss Everdeen – Peeta Mellark (“The Hunger Games Trilogy”, Novel)

Peeta-Katniss in THG movie

Jennifer and Josh

Why I love them : Katniss Everdeen played by Jennifer Lawrence and Peeta Mellark played by Josh Hutcherson. Their goal life is to save each other. Their love blossom thru the mutual need to survive in a dictatorish-rules country,Panem. Katniss has this alpha-female attitudes, Peeta is the beta-male. Peeta’s sunny-like and warm-heart personality is Yin to abrasive-cold-introvert Katniss Yang. Peeta bakes,Katniss hunts. Katniss scared of commitment, Peeta eternally devoted. In a short word, Peeta is the guy in a relationship. (note: i dont ship Jen-Josh in real life, but i do love their potrayed and chemistry of Katniss and Peeta on-screen)

Favorite quotes :

I remember everything about you,” says Peeta, tucking a loose strand of hair behind my ear. “You’re the one who wasn’t paying attention” (Peeta to Katniss)

“You’re a painter. You’re a baker. You like to sleep with the windows open. You never take sugar in your tea. And you always double-knot your shoelaces.” (Katniss to Peeta)

And then  i’m sold 🙂

7.   Monica Geller – Chandler Bing (“Friends”, sitcom)

Why i love them : I found Mondler is the most difficult to described as a couple.. couple like them is easily found everywhere but thats what makes them so special,, if Ross and Rachel has their relationship on-off and unstable, then Mondler are one stable-and-steady-couple that depend on and find comfort toward each other.. Chandler, the clown in the group, a very deeply insecure guy, lack of self-confidence, fear to stay forever alone, have a tendency to be a funny guy (not so funny tbh, mostly he’s been laughed at due to say inappropriate things in inappropriate time). In contrary, Monica is a  neurotic-control-freak, who always need to take control of everything. They both have a traumatic parental issues where Chandler parents divorce when he was a little kid and his dad is a gay and mother who married and divorce as easy as she flipping hand. Meanwhile, Monica always feel that she’s never do the right things in her mother eyes. But the weird thing is when they are together, its amazing how they able to rise as a very normal and sweet couple i’ve ever watched in tv history. They devoted each other and fit perfectly because admittedly they cannot find another person in the world who could ever stand them.

8. Arthur Pendragon – Guinevere/Bradley James – Angel Coulby (“Adv. of Merlin” , BBC TV Series)

Their story : They are the Albion Royal Couple in Arthurian Legend. In every version of their story that had been made so far, my ship never goes to Arthur and Guinevere, its always Guinevere-Lancelot. But its different now. In newest BBC version of this story, The Adventure of Merlin, Arwen Couple portrayed by Bradley James as Arthur and Angel Coulby as Guinevere, they really have a very undeniable strong chemistry that guaranteed the success of their every scene together. They appear to be dorky, sweet, and hilarious, silly Arthur meet wise Gwen, they really  so adorable together and its almost impossible for not shipping them once they’re appear together on-screen. And have I mention how they are in their BTS’s (behind the scene)??  They’re in love, that’s how they sold me into shipping RL Bradley and Angel..

9.  Chae Kyeong – Prince Lee Shin/Yoon Eun Hye-Joo Ji Hoon (“Princess Hours”, KDrama)

Their Story : Chae Kyeong, a cheerful, outgoing, passionate,and  kindhearted young girl, is a commoner and have a goal to be a famous fashion designer. Prince Lee Shin, the Crown Prince of Korea Royal Family, who seen outside as a smug,indifferent and insensitive person, but turn out he is lonely, sensitive, warm and kind young man. They’re married due to an old agreement their late grandfathers made. Although they’re irritated toward each other in the beginning, however she’s the one who falls in love to him first. And despite initially feeling nothing for her, love eventually blossoms between the couple as time passes. Its funny, romantic and sad at the same time and definitely made its way as #1 on my lists of all-time-favorite-KDrama-ever,,

10. Rachel Green – Ross Geller (“Friends”, sitcom)

Their story : Rachel is popular, pretty, rich, spoil-brat, fashionable and work her dream job in a famous fashion-house, left her fiancée in the altar in their wedding day, and Ross, nerd, dinosaur-freak, marriage-lover (he’s married three times and all ended in divorced lol), university professor who had worked in the museum and has a sensitive heart. Ross fell in love to his sister BFF, Rachel, since they were highschooler, although its an unrequited love because Rachel always seen him as Monica nerd-big bro.. after parted for couple years, in their mid-20 they’re meet again, and fell in love for each other, and that’s how their relations started, their on-off  relationship including a married and divorced, but in season finale they’re finally back together

11.  Lee Kangto – Oh Mokdan/Joo Won – Jin Se Yeon (“Bridal Mask”, KDrama)

Why i love them : first, they’re a couple who made only two pecks in the lips, two forehead kiss, and holding hands  in 28-episodes-show looked so intimate, sexy and HOT; second, they had this situation where they-are-enemies-but-turn-out-first-loves issue going on; third, they whip, slap, hit, spit, stab, and shoot each other , in other word, they try to kill each other (literally) 😀

Their story :   In Japanese imperialist period, Lee Kangto and Oh Mokdan were a childhood lover once in a time, but forced to be parted. They met again few years later in a very different circumstances, as enemy who trying to kill each other everytime they had their eyes caught on, without realizing they were the same person each other waited and longing for all this parted years . Lee Kangto, an ambitious Korean young man serve as Japanese police officer, chasing people considered as rebels, where Oh Mokdan is one of those   but when his world turn upside down when his family murdered and he had to take the Joseon-hero-mask on as his alter-ego, his goal changed to protected his people and his sweetheart at all costs..although they had tragic ending (darn it!!!), but their love story is so beautifully written.. thus it really really sucks and i cant get over it and still bitter because my OTP wrecked into nowhere. Still feel like a shit right now. Oh and have I mention how the actor and actress who portrayed these two lovebirds, were in their every bts’s of this drama??in a short word, it has sail so many ships right now 😀

12.      Benio Hanamura – Shinobu Ijuiin (“Miss Modern”, manga)

Letnan Dua – Benio

Their story : Set on Taisho Period, Benio, a young girl with too modern thought for that time, betrothed to a young soldier, the insanely handsome, Second Lieutenant Ijuiin Shinobu  Initially she refused this arrangement because she’s a modern woman anyway, and modern woman don’t accept arrange marriage, whereas Ijuin has fall in love to Benio since their first met.. their love story had so many serious obstacles in their way, including Ijuiin reportedly killed in war, then he had amnesia, Benio seek for him tirelessly..

13.   Joey Potter – Pacey Witter/Katie Holmes – Joshua Jackson (“Dawsons Creek”, teen-drama)

Why I love them : this OTP was never slated to be the main OTP because Joey character intended to be the love interest for lead male character,,  but when the story been developed where Pacey character as a supporting role been fell in love to Joey, turn out this storyline is preferably more than the initial plot..  their story itself tell about Joey, a tomboyish, clever and shy girl , and her childhood friend Pacey, a delinquent boy who never take academic issue seriously.. they’re always bickering everytime they met, but got interested into each other when broken-hearted Joey found her consolation in Pacey who sincerely accompany her,,  they’re started dating, broke-up, dating again, broke-up again, on/off in almost 3 seasons, until in the very last episode in season finale, the producer/writer finally making them as a couple.. that what I like to say,  its the Pacey charm :p

14. Haley James – Nathan Scott (“One Tree Hill”, teen-drama)

Their story : Haley, nerd-tutor-girl, no-sex-before-marriage, happy family. Nathan, school-jock, basketball-team-captain, free-sex, broken-home-family,, decided married in their 17 yo and had their first kid in 18 yo.. yeah you read it right 😀

15. Seung Ha – Haein (“Mawang”, KDrama)

Their story : He is a killer-lawyer. She is a psychic-librarian. They almost never touch each other because if they did, then she’ll find out that he is a cold killer. Their love is died before it even bloom yet. So messed-up.

16.  Elena Gilbert – Damon Salvatore/Nina Dobrev-Ian Somerhalder (“the Vampire Diaries”, teen-series)

Why i love them : because they’re just look so compatibly-HOT together. My guilty pleasure #1.

17. Sookie Stackhouse – Eric Northman (“True Blood”, novel/series)

Their story : He is an ancient-viking-vampire. She is a telepathic-fairy-barmaid. These sexy-blonde duo and my guilty pleasure #2.

Favorite quote :

Sookie, my little bloodsucker.  (Eric to Sookie)

Eric, my big bullshitter. (Sookie to Eric)

18. Josh Hutcherson – Annasophia Robb

josh hutchcerson – annasophia robb

Their story : These two kids-now-teenagers are the actors who starred in one of my favorite children movie, Bridge to Terabithia, as Jesse and Leslie..  they’re just look so cute and fun together and i’m so obsessed with them..  if they not dating , at least i wish to see them act together again in movies as an adult couple 😉

You guys right, how shallow i am 😀

–the end–

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