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happy new year 2012…

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11 days has passed through, and i just had time to say happy new year for you, all dear folks…

not like i’m suddenly became such a-super-duper-busy-kindofwoman so therefore it has been so late that i touched my fingers on my laptop keyboard to write a few words like i did last year,for introspection needed ,, its just my feeling-blue-era is not over yet…. and not like i had to write it since maybe noone read my blog though, in other word, i’m the only one who took time to read my own blog, ok ok skip it!!!!i’m babbling again…

i write this post ’cause  i need to say sorry, for you who read my posting in 2011, and get annoyed, ’cause believe me, i felt it too,, my writing had quality plus quantity loss,and  its contained a lot of grief and turmoil,, my most 2011-blog posting showed my nadir-point, in a lowest-point i know..

broken heart..family catastrophe..lack of ideas..lonely..no passion at anything-at-all..

oh my, what can i say?i need an excuse to keep babbling cause i was such in a foul mood , but i wont bother you again ,ever, cause i promise myself this year 2012 is going to be different than 2011, no more galau-in-blog,,

2012 is gonna be an awesome year……because life is good 😉


Author: shintalovesearth

just a simple ordinary girl ,,,,,

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