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my lists of 20 most…


here’s a thing.. i had bunchs of  “20 most” random things lists on my mind now and then , here some : ( err not all exactly 20 though :p )

Things I Love :

Friends, Family

Boys , men,  of course *lol*
Romance-drama comedy Movies
Scent of grass after raining
Ice cream
Friends TV serial
Neat-clean room
Library, or kind of books shop
Komik topeng kaca
Beauty treatment (free, as well wkwk ..)
Sugar cookies
Backless dress
Flash disk
Strawberry juice

Things I hate :
Being not listened to
Being lied
Being shouted
Traffic Jam
On-off electricity (ughh kita udah bayar listrik tauuuuu….)
Jalanan rusak (dan kita juga dah bayar pajakkkkkk ..)
Angkot ngetem
Disease ( anything, I just hate being sick )
War-animal-slapstick-horror Movies
Snake (bukan benci lg, tapi takuuuuuutttttt)
Bitchy and unmannered Shop-assistant
Filthy-brain old man a.k.a bapak2 cunihin
Final exam
Smart-ass people
Slowly internet

Movies I love:
You’ve got mail
Harry Potter series (It counted as 1??)
Trilogi Lord of The Ring (counted as 1?)
My Best Friends wedding
Ada apa Dengan Cinta ?
10 Things I hate About You
My Sassy Girl (Korean version)
Sleepless in Seattle
Gone With the Wind
Little Manhattan
Disney movies (counted as 1, too 😀 )
Bring It On
Bridge of terabithia
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Kuch kuch Hota Hai (yeahh you hear meee :p )
500 Days of Summer
Eternal Sunshine of Spotless mind
The Holiday

Gorgeous-Famous Boys I love around the World :

Masumi Hayami
Jude Law (sluurrppp ………. )
Joshua Jackson
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Nicholas Saputra
Jensen Ackles
Ryan Gosling
Ian Somerhalder
Josh Hutcherson
James Lafferty
Alexander Skarsgaard
Bradley James
James McAvoy
Song Seung Hun
Matsumoto Jun
Takuya Kimura
Joo Ji Hoon
Rionaldo Stockhorst
Viggo Mortensen
Fedi Nuril

 i’m such a shallow girl you think ?? 😉


Author: shintalovesearth

just a simple ordinary girl ,,,,,

2 thoughts on “my lists of 20 most…

  1. friends emang paling saya cintai juga koq…., nonton ampe berkali0kali ga bosen. Coba deh nonton how i met your mother

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